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Monorepo and Heroku

If you use a monorepo setup to power multiple apps, using Heroku isn't straight forward, however is easy and definitely possible.

Narrative Chasm

A good narrative is as important as an excellent product, however be vary of believing the story yourself.


Microrequests is a wrapper over Python's requests module - makes it more efficient to consume microservices in Python


Blockr is a commnand line utility to block websites that distract you


13 December

Thermodynamics Compri, homesickness and Delhi



Tavi's New Year Speech

Tavi, my 8 year old niece, gave a speech on New Year today. It was very well received, posting it here to preserve it.



Ben Thompson of Stratechery recently wrote a post on how Google Cloud Platform is challenging AWS. It’s a very well thought out and interesting post.

Start up vs Big Company

Your company is no longer a startup if it can succeed without its people succeeding or its people can succeed without it succeeding. First thing happens when...


We take inflation for granted. We relate it with growing economies, and...

Digital Colonies

Is our time and attention new land to be explored and are Internet giants new colonial powers?


बहने दो जिंदगी यूँ ही..


Tavi's entry in poem recital competition


खरगोश नहीं, मैं तो अवनि हूँ पापा

Avni's first month

कुछ मुस्कुराहट और कुछ ग़ुस्सा


अवनि ईज़ हियर



I recently read a post - Speed as a habit. It’s a great post, and I agree with the author on almost everything. It is very common to see decision-makers know...

Garbage Truck

शुभचिंतक नहीं, गार्बेज ट्रक है वह

Ten years

Ten years ago, on this day, I started working at my first job. I was in Bangalore for six months already and had interned at LG before. I still remember the ...

Don't murder - don't drink and drive

Shikhi felt very strongly about the recent drink and drive case and wrote about it in this post. Do educated people know how to behave in a society? I shoul...

Growing startups and technical debt

I recently read a post - Why the way we look at technical debt is wrong. I do agree that for a company it is important to reach to it’s users as soon as po...

Job offers and Start-ups

Recently, one of my friends, who works in the hiring industry, commented that I have undersold myself whole my life. I think he’s right and though more appar...


My five-hour struggle to install Yosemite on an old Lenevo laptop; some learnings

I will meet you again

Amrita Pritam's poem - originally in Punjabi. She wrote it for her partner and eminent painter Imroz




1 August 2001

Ten years ago on this day, I joined college. Memories of my first day there

I, Draupadi

Kartikeya Sarabhai, son of legendary Indian space scientist Vikram Sarabhai, wrote this brilliant poem in 1989, after watching a play on great Indian epic Ma...