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Shikhi felt very strongly about the recent drink and drive case and wrote about it in this post.

Do educated people know how to behave in a society? I should say yes. But what is education anyway? Does getting a degree, earning a good salary, eating and drinking in plush hotels make you a well educated and responsible citizen? We mistake people with college degrees as educated. Recently, there was a case where a heavily drunk successful lawyer jammed her speeding Audi in a taxi killing 2 people and destroying 2 families.

When she gifted herself an Audi a year back, how proud her parents and family would have felt, how much envy her friends would have been for her success. She would have become an example for her cousins, an epitome of success, they would have aspired to become like her. Today they must be ashamed of her.

The family who went to celebrate their son’s result got ruined because of the partying that she did to celebrate her achievement in office. I am not against drinking - if it is done in limits. People drink to celebrate, to get happy high, but why do they put other people’s life at risk by driving in that so called happy high state? In any case, how hard it is to get a driver or take a cab when you can afford an Audi and have dinner and drinks in upscale restaurants?

My question here is - will you call it an accident or a murder? To my understanding - accident is something which happens unknowingly by mistake but driving at a speed of 120 km/hr, wrong side, with 6 times more than permissible limit of alcohol in your blood doesn’t look like a mistake to me. It is a crime committed by a person who deals with law in her day-to-day life. It is a murder of two families.