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a body of clay, a mind full of play, a moment's life - that is me

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Swayamara was mine
The decision my father’s
My life pledged to a bow and arrow
My life an offering to the
shooter of fish

All rights belong to husbands so says society,
But to be shared by five, – a commodity in the market place?
All this I accepted, became the wife of five – to each gave a son
I was the only wife of none.

Gambling they went, invited by Duryodhana
Lost all they had, losing even themselves
I unspared was dragged into the court of men
Which were these bonds of Dharma
That tied my husbands?
What kind of husbands these, that are tied by the Dharma of lies?

Started on our journey’s end towards the snow-clad Himalayas
I fell first, no Pandava stretched a hand
Towards paradise they walked, no one stayed by my side.
Then, I realised heaven too must be only for men
Better then to rest in the warm embrace of this snow.

– Kartikeya Sarabhai