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Monorepo and Heroku

If you use a monorepo setup to power multiple apps, using Heroku isn't straight forward, however is easy and definitely possible.

Narrative Chasm

A good narrative is as important as an excellent product, however be vary of believing the story yourself.

10 random facts that I find very fascinating

And they have nothing to do with my usual interests in startups, programming or movies.

8 useful Rails Bytes to improve your development process

Rails Bytes is a platform to share useful Ruby on Rails templates

Custom fonts in your Rails app

Using custom font in your rails app is simple, but not that straight forward

Mac - How to fix Python error "ERROR:root:code for hash md5 was not found"

This error is actually because of Homebrew and not exactly because of Python


Microrequests is a wrapper over Python's requests module - makes it more efficient to consume microservices in Python


Blockr is a commnand line utility to block websites that distract you

Slack Etiquette

Create a better & saner work environment

13 December

Thermodynamics Compri, homesickness and Delhi

How to engineer an MVP

A few things to take care while building your MVP

Speed and Quality

Should speed and quality be mutually exclusive?

From a great consumer product to a lasting tech giant

I love twitter for their product, and have spent some time thinking why it’s not succeeding as a company. As far as my naive thinking goes, there are more th...

Tavi's New Year Speech

Tavi, my 8 year old niece, gave a speech on New Year today. It was very well received, posting it here to preserve it.


Ben Thompson of Stratechery recently wrote a post on how Google Cloud Platform is challenging AWS. It’s a very well thought out and interesting post.

Start up vs Big Company

Your company is no longer a startup if it can succeed without its people succeeding or its people can succeed without it succeeding. First thing happens when...

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Short Story


We take inflation for granted. We relate it with growing economies, and...